Vicki L Green Attorney At Law Will Go the Extra Mile for Your DUI Defense

Vicki L Green Attorney At Law Will Go the Extra Mile for Your DUI Defense

Hire a knowledgeable DUI attorney in Millington, TN

Were you recently pulled over for a DUI? You need to hire an attorney. With an experienced attorney on your side, you'll have a greater chance of being found not guilty for your charges. DUI defense is a complicated process which requires knowledge of standardized field sobriety test & blood alcohol content (BAC) defense. Don't fight this battle alone. Call Vicki L Green Attorney At Law right now.

Vicki L Green has been practicing DUI law in Millington, TN & surrounding areas since 1983. She will fight to find a resolution to your case that allows you to lead a normal life. Start building your defense by calling Vicki L Green today.

Why should you hire an attorney?

You shouldn't handle your DUI on your own. DUI can have major impact on your life and should be descended at the very first opportunity. Vicki L Green can represent you in court and fight to exonerate your charges. Call today if you want to:

  • Avoid a conviction with jail time
  • Avoid a spike in your insurance coverage
  • Avoid fines and revoked driving privileges
  • DUI convictions can not be expunged, can not be diverted and are monitored on nationwide database
  • Subsequent offenses result in much greater jail time and much higher fines

Attorney Green cannot guarantee dropped charges. However, she will do her best to get you a favorable outcome.

It's time to call a DUI attorney for your case in Millington, TN & surrounding counties. Call Vicki L Green Attorney At Law today for a consultation.